Benefits Trainings

“This information is extremely valuable. We will make sure we get this out to all of our members. They need to hear this. Just by the amount of questions I am seeing here today, there is a need for these trainings.”
– Kenneth P. (Blacks in Government)

“I just wanted to say the Lunch and Learn session that we had yesterday was truly successful. We had about 50 members in attendance and Gerald did an outstanding job with his presentation”
– Brenda M (San Diego Chapter of American Society of Comptrollers)

“I’ve been to many workshops and this is the best I’ve been to. Gerald really broke it down to where I could actually understand what I have.”
– Adela O (Veterans Administration Hospital-Long Beach)

“Our experience was great as Gerald has done excellent job on explaining benefits and many others have asked me how to invite Gerald to their team meetings. I think everyone who has come across and attended the session with Gerald has learned a lot. They then knew what was what and when they can retire. I think he has been wonderful in explaining and going over step by step on TSP, Social Security and the retirement. Everyone in my team has shared with me that they thank me for inviting him to the team meeting”
– Narinder S ( Internal Revenue Service)


Benefits Reviews

“The review appointment of my benefits was very beneficial. To have someone explain in depth what I have was a breath of fresh air. I now feel secure approaching my retirement. I appreciate you guys. Keep up the good work!”
-Dwight B (United States Postal Service)

“This is something all employees need. Most of us don’t understand our benefits. I not only gained better understanding about my benefits, but I learned some great tips on how to save effectively so that I can actually enjoy our golden years.”
– Ronald P. ( United States Postal Service)

“Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts about my experience with Gerald Jones regarding my retirement benefits.  Gerald was very professional and offered a lot of information that I had not known.  One very valuable thing he informed me of was that I become eligible for my full retirement benefits at 56 years and 10 months.  I initially thought I would need to work until the age of 62 without incurring penalty for early departure.  He instructed me that since I already have more than 30 years of federal service, that I will not be penalized for any portion of my retirement when I become eligible at the earliest possible age.  This was great news to me and has me preparing now for the big day.

Gerald also shared a lot of valuable details with me about my TSP account and how important it is to contribute the maximum amount possible from now until I leave Federal service.  He encouraged me to consider accelerating the amount I can add once I turn 50 years old.  He informed me about the benefits of putting into the C, S, and I funds and how they pay greater dividends on the contributions in the long run.

Perhaps the most useful part of the meeting I had with Gerald was how he took my current annual salary and calculated how much I would collect (monthly) in retirement if I were to separate from employment now.  It gave me great insight on how to prepare for life after government service ends and just what my financial future will look like at that time.

It was a pleasure working with Gerald and learning from his expertise on retirement.  I certainly look forward to future meetings with him to continue going over pertinent details and changes involving the Federal Employees’ Retirement System and OPM.”
-Michael J (General Services Administration)



For a review of your benefits package, please fill out the contact form to your right.  To schedule a benefits training for your staff at your agency or for your members at your union or association, please contact Natasha at 800.631.6489 ext 706 or  [email protected]